Sunday, April 6, 2014


I have to say Lowe’s is making me laugh, in a kinda scary way.
I ordered new appliances from them…a refrigerator, a stove, a dishwasher and a microwave.  Last week I received 2 calls one day, one to tell me the stove was there, the other to tell me the dishwasher was in.  I verified all appliances are here and would be delivered tomorrow, Saturday April 5.  I was assured they were.

I called this morning to verify myself and was told I am on the schedule.  Then later this morning, a person from the millworks department called to tell me my French doors were in and ready to be picked up.  I had not ordered French doors.  Then we figured out it was my French door refrigerator!    And verified yet again that it would be delivered tomorrow.

Five minutes ago, I got a call from a guy telling me my microwave was here and he wanted to verify I would be there tomorrow for delivery.  I told him about the other appliances and he said oh, more than one page.
Will I have appliances tomorrow?  Not sure.

Here is an addendum...Even though I published today, I wrote this on Friday.  All appliances were delivered yesterday.  They boxes say it's what I ordered.  We will see whey they are unboxed and installed.


I just saw a picture on Pinterest that showed 2 men who had been released from a Japanese prison camp in 1945 and both were skin and bones.  The board this person pinned it on?  ‘Creepy’.    Really? That is your first impression?  Not heartbroken?  Not heroes?  Not man’s inhumanity to man?  Creepy is the friggen best you can do?

Does she not wonder where they came from and if they’re still alive or if they ever got over being starved and beaten by animals?  Doesn’t she want to know what they became and if they had families and lives?  Doesn’t she want to know what made them survive when so many others didn’t?  There is no way that this experience affected everything in their lives for the rest of their lives and the best this person could come up with is creepy?


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Goodbye vacation. Hello kitchen

So I bought this new house.

The house needed a little love.  I got what I think was a good deal on it.  I probably didn’t but it’s what I want to think so there.  And it had some issues right off.  First all, it’s 12 years or so old and I doubt it had ever, ever been cleaned.  It certainly did not appear that it ever had.  Filthy.  And frankly, it was pretty hard to tell flaws because it was hard to see beneath the dirt.  So now it’s mostly clean and it still has a few issues.

It mismatched carpet in the bedrooms that needs to be replaced.  And it has tile everywhere else.  So first order of business…new carpet.  They measured 110 yards so there is $3100.  A little higher than I expected but doable.

Next, the paint job is horrible.  Semi-gloss paint throughout most of the house.  Who does that?  One nice red wall.  Everything else, not good.  Once the cabinets were clean they don’t look horrible…where there is a problem is a gouge…but the rest looks pretty good.  They will be good for awhile.  But the rest of the house needs to be painted. 

It needs a storm door and a pocket door going into the laundry room and a new potty in the back bath.  Not too bad.

And the countertops in the kitchen are not horrible but my contractor told me he thought we could do granite countertops all within my budget so I got my hopes up.  And a shiny backsplash, which I love.  So I’m ready to go full speed ahead.

Then the estimate came….under budget…except for the countertops and backsplash and paint throughout the house.  That is another big chunk of change.  So the dilemma begins.  I have some savings that I can use but that is just that …savings and then vacation money.  So what to do…have the kitchen I’ve always dreamed of or keep the $$ in the bank.  The kitchen is the first thing you see when you walk in.  And I love a pretty kitchen.  And the extra $$ is just a bit of savings.  And it will be something I will love for a long time.  And I can’t take the money with me!  And my pension goes into savings and in 4 months it will be replaced.   But it certainly means no cruise this year. 

So my decision seems to be made.  Goodbye vacati

Friday, March 14, 2014

Drama. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

My tolerance for drama is at an all time low.  Just saying.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Good news today and a not so great day today, foodwise

It's been a strange day.

I have had a really sore throat the last couple of days, deep down at my neckline, not just the back of my throat.  And my ears were stopping up.  I had gone to the clinic on Monday but the doctor there could not see anything and blew me off as a whiner.  She called in  RX for nasal spray and something to stop the throat pain.  Writing a RX seems to be the first 3 years of medical school and this doctor missed bedside manner altogether.  To top it off, because they had the words Urgent Care in the clinic name, they charged $50 copay instead of $20.  I did not even bother with the prescriptions.

This morning the pain was really bad and my lymph nodes were swollen and painful.  I had a dentist appointment at 830 so had taken time from work already and a bit of time so before my appointment I went to get blood drawn for my A1C since I've been taking Victoza for 4 months.   Then after the dentist appointment, I went to my regular doctor who felt the swollen nodes and wrote me a prescription for a strong antibiotic.  I've just taken one pill and already feel better.  Pain is less.  Lump in throat feels smaller.
Sinuses feel better.   But after the pharmacy I just took the rest of the day and came home and slept most of the afternoon.  And I ate comfort food...I'd stopped on the way home and got a Mini-Murph pizza and an almond joy.  And I had frozen French fries for supper. Not a good food day but it's all good.

Now the really good A1C is 560, with average blood sugar of 114 and doc says technically not in diabetes range and that I can stop with the other diabetes medicine and just stick with the Victoza.  He'd left a message while I was alseep and he called me a "poster child" !!   I am thrilled.  Losing some weight.  Trying to beat the diabetes.  Woohoo!!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Other Side of the Mountain

Geez Louise, guess what I found on Netflix tonight!!

The summer after I'd graduated from high school Mom & I came to tech for freshman orientation.  We stayed in Chitwood Hall and ate in the cafeteria and toured the campus.  And we went to the Fox theater on 19th street and saw 'The Other Side of the Mountan'.  I had no clue what it was going to be about.  It probably started at the right time!  We did not have a theater in Spur anymore and most of the movies I'd ever seen were when I spent time in the summer with Cathy.  Movies were a treat.

This movie is about skier Jill Kinmont, a shoe-in for the 1956 Olympics until she severed her spine in an accident just before.  It then shows her journey through rehab and breakup with her fiance who could not handle her condition and then losing the man she loved later in a plane crash.  She recovered and went on to become a teacher.  And she even finished her story in happy ending fashion in same movie, part 2.

The acting was not great.  The actors were a little long in the tooth to be playing high schoolers but it was
an ok movie and there was even a tear or 2.

Beau Bridges played the love of her life who died in the plain crash.  He was about 34 at the time and he looked then what his son Jordan Bridges looks like now.   Look,  a surprise separated at birth although not my typical find.  They are father and son after all.


And in an odd note, in the 2nd movie (yep, I watched it too) Jill says every man she ever loved had died...even Buddy, the fiance who dumped her....he died at 28 in an avalanche.  It would have been some kind of karma if he'd lived but been paralyzed, huh?